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Customer Service Articles and CRM Articles

Avinash Narula is a prolific writer on the subject of customer satisfaction and retention. He has written three books on the subject and is in the process of writing two more. Here he will share his thoughts with you.

You can read articles on the subject of customer satisfaction and retention. You can also send articles written by you and if found suitable, they will be included in our database for everyone to read.

Customer Icebergs are dissatisfied customers. Monster Customer Icebergs are those dissatisfied customers who have gone out of their way to harm the businesses which have ill-treated them. Here you will read interesting Customer Iceberg bulletins to understand the extensive damage that Monster Customer Icebergs can cause to your business. In case you have come across any Monster Customer Iceberg, do send us information about them so that we can share it with others.

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Disillusionment with CRM. Why?
By Avinash Narula
As with every buzzword, there are believers and skeptics. There will always be some who will swear by the benefits that they have achieved by implementing a management concept. At the same time, there....

Benefit of CRM - Targeted marketing campaigns
By Avinash Narula
  CRM and related technologies also assist in marketing through web based marketing campaigns. Customer data warehouse contains records for each individual customer. Each record represents infor....

Benefit of CRM - Ability to treat different customers differently
By Avinash Narula
  "Treating different cus≠tomers differently is the key distinction between competi≠tion today using technology, and competition 15 years ago before this technology was available. CRM tools make....

Benefit of CRM - Seamless communication and customer service
By Avinash Narula
Even though, businesses collected and stored a lot of information about the customer in the past, the same was available as separate islands of information. That is, some part of information was avail....

Benefit of CRM - Helps service large customer database
By Avinash Narula
  The blacksmith had few customers so he could deal with them personally. He could store customer information in his mind. However, organizations have grown tremendously. Today, an organization&....

Benefits of CRM - Integrates information from all channels of communication
By Avinash Narula
In order to serve the customer in an effective manner, it is essential that we have the complete record of his interaction with the company irrespective of the who and which department he has int....

Benefit of CRM - Ability to track individual customers
By Avinash Narula
  It has been the long cherished dream of businesses to be able to deal with individual customers directly just like the blacksmith of the pre-industrial era. Today, the convergence of telecomm....

Benefit of CRM - Handles routine transactions easily
By Avinash Narula
  With millions of customers, CRM and related technologies are blessing in disguise for companies as it allows companies to handle routine transaction very efficiently. For instance, customerís ....

CRM and database
By By Avinash Narula
Effective business intelligence requires real time data (data warehousing), sophisticated data analysis (data mining) tools and front-end tools which allow managers to use the information to make info....

What are customer icebergs?
By Avinash Narula
What are customer icebergs?What is a customer iceberg? Simply put, every dissatisfied customer turns into a customer iceberg. The more unhappy he is, the more dangerous a customer iceberg he turns int....

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