Customer Satisfaction and Retention Shop

Customer satisfaction shop is the largest of its kind in the world. Here you will buy posters, books, customer dissatisfaction cards, coffee mugs, pen stands, perpetual calendars, table calendars, complaint help services and online certificate programs all based on the concepts of customer satisfaction and retention developed by Customer Mathematician Avinash Narula.

Maintaining customer relationship is a 2-way process. Vendors must appreciate their customer who give them business. On the other hand, customers must also appreciate the work done by their vendors. O

Management Video CDs on unique management concepts developed by Management Guru and Customer Mathematician Avinash Narula. These interesting video CDs are based on interesting concepts related to topi

These programs are ideal for entrepreneurs, business executives and students as part of their continuing education. They will help an individual to enhance his skills. Innovative, interesting and diff

Dissatisfied and ill-treated customers need assistance to get "value-for-money" from erring companies. One way that dissatisfied customers can motivate the defaulting companies to resolve their compla

Books are ideal as corporate and business gifts. Here we will make available books which have innovative concepts and idea related to management and motivation. ……

The basic aim of this journal is to make management concepts easy to understand and implement for students and practitioners of management. ……

Attractive colorful stoneware Coffee Mugs with Customer Math formula imprinted on them. Customer Math, a concept developed by Customer Mathematician Avinash Narula, mathematical proves that customer s

Different attractive colorful stoneware Pen Stands-Pencil Stands with management and motivational messages not available anywhere in the world. Some of the management and motivational messages are bas

Attractive colourful poster sets on the concept of customer satisfaction and retention are available. These posters will constantly remind you and your team of the importance of customer satisfaction

Most unhappy and dissatisfied customers don't complain. This is because they don't know where or to whom to complain. As such, most of the customer complaints end up at the wrong place and are ignored