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Customer Satisfaction Posters (5 Poster Set)
Poster 1: CS Pos 000385
Don't lose even a single customer.
Poster 2: CS Pos 000389
Existing satisfied customer becomes more & more profitable year after year. It pays to retain your customers.
Poster 3: CS Pos 000390
Customer Retention is Profitable. So, focus on retaining your customers.
Poster 4: CS Pos 000391
Satisfied customers make repeat purchases and buy more per transaction. It makes sense to retain your customers.
Poster 5: CS Pos 000399
Your competitive advantage will lie in retaining the customer longer than your competition.
Price Detail:-
11inch*17inch 13.5inch*21.5inch 24inch*36inch
INR:-Rs. 775
INR:-Rs. 3150
USD:-$ 85

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