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Customer Retention Academy About Customer Satisfaction
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Customer Retention Academy

It all started when our founder Avinash Narula made a mistake. He ill-treated a customer and learnt a lesson which slowly and steadily developed into the concept of Customer Math. He became a BELIEVER in the concept of “Customer is King.”

Our objective at Customer Retention Academy is 2-fold. One, to spread the word in the business world that the primary strategy of every business should be to retain the customer by taking care of him. Two, to assist dissatisfied customers to fight for their right and to get "value for their money" from businesses who ill-treat them.

We intend to achieve the above through an offline and online approach. Since our resources are limited, we have made our website www.customermath.com as the key medium through which we hope to achieve our objectives. Needless to say, a website is the least expensive method of reaching a large number of people all over the world including Delhi NCR Region.

Customer satisfaction and retention services

We will unite the dissatisfied customer and empower the hapless customer to fight for his rights and receive “value for his money” by providing him the following customer satisfaction and retention services:

Online Customer Satisfaction Services:

bullet Submit Customer Complaints

Our Customer Complaint module of our website will allow dissatisfied and unhappy customers to log in their complaint on the website. (Free service)

bullet1 Submit Customer Appreciation :

Our Customer Appreciation module of our website will allow dissatisfied and unhappy customers to log in their appreciation of a company which has treated them like “king.” (Free Service)

bullet2 Check & Buy facility:

The check & buy facility on our website will allow customers to check the complaints / appreciations with respect to a particular product, service, brand, dealer and company so that he can buy products/ service with good quality (having least service problems) and from customer friendly organizations. (Free Service)

bullet3 SCAMs

We will post scams on the website so that customers become aware of them and do not fall into the trap. (Free Service)

bullet4 Complaint Resolution Services

We intend to provide a number of products / services which will assist customers in getting his complaint resolved. Some of the customer resolution services provided by us are are as follows:

bullet5 Customer Complaints cards

We will supply dissatisfied customers with Customer Complaints cards at cost (samples enclosed) which will assist them in convincing businesses to resolve their complaints quickly.

bullet6 Sample Complaint Letters

One of the major problems dissatisfied customers face is that they are shy to write letters. We intend to provide sample complaint letters on our website to assist them. (Free Service)

bullet7 Complaint Letter writing assistance

For a nominal fee, we intend to provide complaint letter writing assistance.

bullet8 Legal services

At some point of time, we intend to also provide legal support services to dissatisfied customers on nominal charges.

bullet9 Innovative complaint resolution methods

We will post successful innovative methods adopted by dissatisfied customers to get their complaints resolved so that others can also adopt the same method to resolve their complaints quickly. (Free Service)

Offline Customer Satisfaction Services

Persuade Defaulting companies to resolve complaints : We intend to contact defaulting companies and submit customer complaints posted on our website to them. We also intend to pursue defaulting organizations to resolve the complaints. (Free Service)

Turn the business world into a BELIEVER

Our objective is to turn everybody in the business world into a BELIEVER with the help of customer mathematics and “Customer Retention Profit Cycle” model developed by Avinash Narula. If the businesses themselves are convinced that taking care of the customer is beneficial for them, then customers/consumers will not need protection. With the website, our objective is to increase the awareness about the benefits of customer satisfaction and how it increases an organization’s profit. This will improve the way businesses operate and treat their customers which in turn will make the customers of every business organization happy. We intend to use the following tools to achieve this:

Online through the website

Online training : This will a great tool for us to assist organizations to achieve organizational learning. We feel that individual learning is not enough to achieve high level of customer satisfaction. What we need is organizational learning so that everybody in the organization talks the same language. With the help of the online program, we can train thousands of employees of a company spread all over the country and even the world in a very short period of time cost effectively.

bullet Sales of Awareness and reminder tools : Sale of books, posters, office stationary, gifts with customer satisfaction message to increase awareness that “Customer is King.” These items will also serve as a reminder tool. The range of such items will be increased.

bullet Articles / Blog : Articles on the subject of customer satisfaction and retention will be posted on the website so that individuals and organizations can enhance their understanding of the subject as well as become convinced that customer satisfaction is the most profitable strategy to follow. We have also established a blog to achieve this.

bullet Customer Awards – For individuals only

Contrary to popular perceptions, achieving high scores in customer satisfaction is not an easy task. It requires time, effort, and money. It calls for immense perseverance and dedication . . . selflessness and motivation above all else. And it needs a heart that beats for a fellow human. In short, it is a task cut out for heroes.

Tales of exceptional customer service deserve to be greeted with a round of applause. We should not forget those nameless people who deliver outstanding service above and beyond their call of duty. People who value the interests of clients and customers. In short, people with a heart of gold.

Dissatisfied customers who complain and fight for their right to receive value for money are courageous people. So are the consumer activists who fight for the rights of the customers in general. Why? People put them down. Company employees think that people who complain are crazy. In addition, how many of us have the time and energy to go to court to stop telecom companies from making unsolicited calls or to get a Rs. 100 refund for incorrectly charged reconnection charges from MTNL? Believe me, not many. So the people who fight for their rights are people of courage and should be recognized.

To encourage people to serve the customer and for dissatisfied customers to fight for their rights, we have instituted Customer Hero Awards which will be given to the following:

bullet Individuals (entrepreneurs and employees of organizations) who move heaven and earth to provide exceptional service to their customers.

bullet1 Individuals and organizations (dissatisfied customers) who fight for their right as a customer in an exceptional and unique manner.

bullet2 Individuals and organizations (dissatisfied customers and consumer activists) who fight for the rights of customers in an exceptional and unique manner.

Each such individual will be given Rs. 5000/- award


Training / Seminars : We have been conducting training programs and seminars on the subject. At present, the trainings/seminars are being conducted by Avinash Narula himself. In the future, we wish we can open a Customer Retention Academy to expand on the idea but that would depend on easy availability of institutional land (We think this would remain a dream!). However, in the meantime, we intend to establish a virtual Customer Retention Academy with the help of our website www.customermath.com.

bullet4 Sales of Awareness and reminder tools : Sale of books, posters, office stationary, videos, gifts with customer satisfaction messages to increase awareness that “Customer is King.” These items will also serve as a reminder tool. The range of such items will be increased.

bullet5 Develop videos : We intend to develop videos on the subject of customer satisfaction and retention based on the concepts developed by Avinash Narula in his books. These videos will also assist us in reaching out to more businesses.

bullet6 Books
bullet7 Traditional training programs and motivational seminars
bullet7 Blended online training program to achieve organizational and individual learning in the concept of “Customer is King” with the help of customer mathematics all over the world.
bullet8 Various reminder tools which will never let us forget that “Customer is King.”
bullet9 Customer Iceberg Bulletins like books, articles and case studies.

We are very passionate about this subject. And we intend to continue to make effort to make each one of you a BELIEVER with the help of customer mathematics and other relevant concepts.

Customer Mathematician
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