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Customer Complaint Cards

Customer Cards


Customer Complaint Cards
for unhappy and dissatisfied customers

On the other hand, unhappy and dissatisfied customer need all the help they can get to convince the defaulting companies to resolve their problems. These innovative cards will assist you, the unhappy customer, in convincing defaulting companies to resolve your complaints quickly.

We have developed complaint cards to logically convince the defaulting companies that it is in their interest to resolve your complaint quickly in your favor. You can buy these cards and send them to thedefaulting company along with a short note from your end.

negative customer buzz
Beware of the negative customer buzz

With the help of the Internet, a dissatisfied customer like me has the power to propel your sales and profits up or down dramatically. For instance, if I am a dissatisfied customer, I can with the help of the Internet start a “negative buzz” by talking negatively about you to 10000 or more of your prospective customers. Such a step can result in a tremendous loss of sales and profits for you. On the other hand, if you take care of my complaint quickly,you could benefit from the “positive buzz” that I could start which can send your sales and profit shooting sky high.
So the choice is yours. However, Customer Guru highly recommends that you avoid the “negative buzz.”
I hope you will heed the advise of Customer Guru and make me a happy customer of yours by resolving my complaint at the earliest.

Customers in India can order single cards.

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disatisfied customers
Beware of the disatisfied customer!

I happen to be one of your aggrieved customers. I can discourage at least 12 people from doing business with you which will hurt your bottom line. All the money spent by you on advertising and marketing will go down the drain if some of your prospective customers come across a dissatisfied customer like me and listen to his tale of woes.
Beware of the backlash when you displease a customer. He has the power to hit you where it hurts the most - your bottom line. He can ruin your business and you wouldn’t even know where the blow came from.
So, why not take care of my grievances?

Customers in India can order single cards.

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satisfy customer
Satisfy 23 customers by satisfying one

I have not received any response from you to my complaint. You might be having 23 other dissatisfied customers with the same complaint. In all likelihood, they have already proclaimed you guilty and punished you by giving their business to your competitor.
But I am a fair person. By telling you where you have gone wrong, I am giving you an opportunity to make amends so that you don't lose any more customers.
You can treat my complaint as a “blessing in disguise” to improve your product and service. Or you can take it as a “pain in the neck” and lose the opportunity to satisfy 23 customers by resolving 1 complaint. So heed every complaint for your own good.

Customers in India can order single cards.

valuable assets
Don’t lose your most valuable asset

I know why you are not resolving my complaint. You think I am not very valuable. You must be thinking that losing me as a customer will not hurt your business much.
Well, Customer Guru suggests that my value to you is infinite. He suggests that if you lose me, you will lose the sales and profits that I would have generated for you over my lifetime. You would also lose sales and profits from sales to my friends, relatives and colleagues whom I would have recommended to buy from you.
You don’t realize that without my assistance you cannot manage your business effectively. I am the one who gives you suggestions to improve your business. I am the one that provides you the cash flows to build value of your company, assets and brands. So don’t forget that as a customer, I am your most valuable asset.
So why do you want to lose your most valuable asset? Wouldn't it be wise to just resolve my complaint.

Customers in India can order single cards.

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