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Customer Complaint Cards

Customer Cards


Customer Complaint Cards
for unhappy and dissatisfied customers

On the other hand, unhappy and dissatisfied customer need all the help they can get to convince the defaulting companies to resolve their problems. These innovative cards will assist you, the unhappy customer, in convincing defaulting companies to resolve your complaints quickly.

We have developed complaint cards to logically convince the defaulting companies that it is in their interest to resolve your complaint quickly in your favor. You can buy these cards and send them to thedefaulting company along with a short note from your end.

customer retentions
Increase customer retention for higher profits

Just a reminder to let you know that on an average, you can increase your profits by 50% by reducing your customer defection rate by just 5%. Why am I telling you this? Simple. If you resolve my complaint quickly you will be able to retain me and increase your profits exponentially.
How? Elementary my friend. A satisfied customer makes repeat purchases, generates referral sales, buys more per transaction, reduces operating costs and is even willing to pay price premium. What more. You don't have to spend a penny on sales and marketing to generate business from satisfied customers.
So what are you waiting for? Just take care of my problem and enjoy profits.

Customers in India can order single cards.

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aggrieved customers
I don't think you are aware of the

I happen to be one of your aggrieved customers. I can discourage at least 12 people from doing business with you which will hurt your bottom line. All the money spent by you on advertising and marketing will go down the drain if some of your prospective customers come across a dissatisfied customer like me and listen to his tale of woes.
Beware of the backlash when you displease a customer. He has the power to hit you where it hurts the most - your bottom line. He can ruin your business and you wouldn’t even know where the blow came from.
So, why not take care of my grievances?

Customers in India can order single cards.

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defecting customers
Defecting customers, cause of all your woes

This is just to remind you that I am your dissatisfied customer. If I leave you and start doing business with your competitors, you will have to work harder and spend more money to achieve your sales and profit targets.
Remember, it is defecting customers that play havoc with your bottom line. It is primarily because of lost customers that one finds companies struggling to meet targets at the end of every month and every year. According to Customer Guru, to achieve a 10% growth in sales over last year's, a company has to actually increase sales by 47%. This is because, on an average, a company loses 25% of its customers annually.
So why do you want to work harder and spend more money by losing me. Just take care of my complaint and you will not have to worry about your sales and profit targets.

Customers in India can order single cards.

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avoid wasting
Avoid wasting 70%
of your marketing cost

I am your unhappy customer. If you do not take care of my complaint, I am contemplating deserting you and doing business with your competitor.
Did you know that defecting customers are responsible for increasing your sales and marketing cost. In fact, according to Customer Guru, you could be wasting 70% of your sales and marketing cost trying to recover 25% of your sales lost through defecting customers. For instance, if you lose me, you will have to unnecessarily spend money to find new customer(s) to compensate for lost sales because of losing me as your customer.
So why do you want to lose me? Just keep me happy and save on 70% of your sales and marketing cost.

Customers in India can order single cards.

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