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Customer Complaint Cards

Customer Cards


Customer Complaint Cards
for unhappy and dissatisfied customers

On the other hand, unhappy and dissatisfied customer need all the help they can get to convince the defaulting companies to resolve their problems. These innovative cards will assist you, the unhappy customer, in convincing defaulting companies to resolve your complaints quickly.

We have developed complaint cards to logically convince the defaulting companies that it is in their interest to resolve your complaint quickly in your favor. You can buy these cards and send them to thedefaulting company along with a short note from your end.

resolve complaints
It pays to resolve complaints quickly

Since you have ignored my complaint, this card comes as a reminder that quick complaint resolution drops customer defection rate from 91% to 18%.
Don’t even think of starting an investigation to find out where the fault lies as this will delay the resolution of the customer grievance. In addition, conducting an investigation will cost you more than the cost of resolving the complaint itself. As suggested by Customer Guru, resolve the customer complaint quickly by giving the benefit of doubt to the customer.
Your chances of losing me are less if you redress my grievance quickly. So what are you waiting for?

Customers in India can order single cards.

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best investmants
The best investment you can make

I know why you are not resolving my complaint. You are thinking you will have to spend money to resolve my complaint which will decrease your profits.
Customer Guru has diagnosed that you are actually suffering from Customer Myopia which encourages you to think of the short term instead of the long term. As a result, you think of the expense incurred in satisfying a customer as a cost rather than as an investment.
Customer Guru urges you to think of the money you will spend to resolve my complaint as an investment. As a satisfied customer, I will continue to do business with you for a long time giving you returns which no other investment will give. Best part is that the returns on this investment are not dependent on FII, recession, bank rate, oil crisis, sub-prime crisis or any other factor. The returns are guaranteed.
So get over Customer Myopia. Make the investment in resolving my complaint and receive unbelievable returns.

Customers in India can order single cards.

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blessing in disguise
A complaint is a
blessing in disguise

I know you do not like me because I have complained. You think I am a “pain in the neck.”
But Customer Guru suggests that my complaint is actually a blessing in disguise for you. Coming to think of it, he's right. My complaint will tell you what is wrong with your organization, products and services for free. You will get to know what you need to fix to enhance your competitive advantage.
So I suggest you don't miss this opportunity to learn from my complaint to enhance your competitive position. Also, by resolving my complaint quickly, you will not only be able to increase your sales and profits by retaining me as your customer but you will also end up a step ahead of your competition.
So be happy that I have complained. Resolve it quickly and improve your business prospects.

Customers in India can order single cards.

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cash inflow
Customer is a cash inflow everything else is cash outflow

You have not resolved my complaint. As such, you risk losing me to your competitors.
In case you have forgotten, the customer is your only source of cash inflows. Everything else results in cash outflows. So when you lose me, you will lose your only source of cash inflow. In addition, your cash inflows will become your competitor's cash inflows. It is obvious that your competitor will become financially stronger at your expense.
According to financial theory, the value of your company and brands depend on the amount of your net cash inflows. So when I withdraw my cash flows from you, the value of your company and brands, which you have built with so much hard work, will decline.
So take the easy way out. Just resolve my complaint quickly to retain my cash flows as well as the value of your company and brands.

Customers in India can order single cards.

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