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Customer Complaint Cards

Customer Cards


Customer Complaint Cards
for unhappy and dissatisfied customers

On the other hand, unhappy and dissatisfied customer need all the help they can get to convince the defaulting companies to resolve their problems. These innovative cards will assist you, the unhappy customer, in convincing defaulting companies to resolve your complaints quickly.

We have developed complaint cards to logically convince the defaulting companies that it is in their interest to resolve your complaint quickly in your favor. You can buy these cards and send them to thedefaulting company along with a short note from your end.

custmer is a profit
Customer is a profit everything else is cost

This is just to remind you, in case you have forgotten, that the customer is the only one who generates revenues for you. Without revenues, you cannot hope to make profit.
Since you have not made the effort to resolve my complaint, I am thinking of taking my revenues from you and giving the same to your competitor. I hope you realize that such an action will actually transfer your profits to your competitor.

All you have to do to keep the profits generated by me with you is to just make me happy by resolving my complaint quickly

Customers in India can order single cards.

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customer iceberg card
Don't turn me
into a Customer Iceberg

If you do not resolve my complaint quickly, I will turn into a Customer Iceberg. Why should you care?
Simply because when I turn into a Customer Iceberg, you will not even get to know the damage I will cause to your business and to your bottom line.
You will not even realize that I have taken away the sales and profits that you would have generated from me over my lifetime. You will not realize but you will also lose sales from my friends, relatives and colleagues whom I would have recommended to do business with you. You will not realize but I will reduce the value of your company, assets and brands by giving my cash flows to your competitors. You will not even get to know that I am driving away customers who you have convinced through your advertising to buy from you by bad-mouthing you. You will also lose the benefit of my suggestions and innovative ideas to improve your products and services.
So I plead with you to resolve my complaint and not turn me into a Customer Iceberg. I do not like that side of my personality. I want to remain your most loyal no-cost-to-the-company employee and assist you in building a successful business.

Customers in India can order single cards.

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increase your marketing cost
I can increase your marketing cost by 3.5 times

I am your unhappy customer. If you do not take care of my complaint, I am seriously thinking of deserting you and doing business with your competitor.
Did you know that defecting customers are responsible for increasing your sales and marketing cost. This is because you would have to spend more looking for replacements for the customers you have lost. Increase in sales and marketing cost is understandable. But by how much? Well, Customer Guru's calculations suggest that a company would actually have to spend nearly 3.5 times more on marketing if it loses on an average 25% of it customers every year.
Remember, your marketing cost is inversely proportional to the level of my happiness. That is, the more happy I am with your products and services, less would be your sales and marketing cost.
I am quite certain you do not want to increase your sales and marketing cost and reduce your profits. As such, all you have to do is resolve my complaint quickly and make me happy.

Customers in India can order single cards.

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more customers
I can get you
more customers
I am sure you are spending a lot of money on sales and marketing to get new customers. Whereas I can get you new customers without your spending a penny.
What's the catch? Well, there is none. All you have to do is satisfy me by simply resolving my complaint quickly. Once satisfied, I will recommend you to, at least, three of my friends, family and colleagues. Some of them will start doing business with you.
Word-of-mouth promotion by satisfied customers is a very effective tool to get new customers. Remember, with satisfied customers like me on your side, you will never be short of customers.
So just resolve my complaint quickly.

Customers in India can order single cards.

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