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Customer Training and Seminars

We offer Customer Training and Seminars including Customer Icebergs Seminar. Based on book titled Customer Icebergs.

Customer Icebergs Seminars

Training: 1 day
Seminar: Half day & 2 hours

Objective: To introduce the participants to Customer Icebergs so that they refrain from creating them.


Inspite of everybody (including the CEOs) knowing the importance of a customer to their business, still why do companies treat their customers the way they do? Avinash Narula feels that the root cause of the problem is that even though we know about the concept of customer satisfaction, we do not BELIEVE in it. Knowing the concept isn’t enough for you to implement it. You have to believe in it.

We don’t believe in it because we don’t see any evidence of the harmful effects of dissatisfying a customer or losing one. The reason why we do not see the cost of customer dissatisfaction is because a dissatisfied customer turns into a customer iceberg. Just like an iceberg, customer iceberg also hides most of the cost of customer dissatisfaction.

In this book, Avinash Narula attempts to make the complete customer iceberg visible so that all of us become BELIEVERS. He will lay bare the extensive damage that customer icebergs cause to businesses so that they are cautioned against creating more customer icebergs.

This seminar is based on the book titled Customer Icebergs by Avinash Narula. Avinash Narula.


The seminar/training program will be highly interactive, that is, participants will be involved in discussion. The Trainer will use examples from his own experience as a business executive and entrepreneur to illustrate and strengthen understanding of the subject.



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