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Customer Math

Customer Math

Proof that customer satisfaction and customer retention is profitable

A Rs. 9000 mistake by Avinash Narula in 1997 has turned into an enlightening concept of Customer Math. Shortly after Avinash started his advertising business, he tried to save Rs. 9000 instead of trying to satisfy and retain the customer. Being well versed in accounting and finance, he realized that he had made the biggest mistake of his life by losing the customer. He realized that losing the customer was very costly mistake . He became seriously interested in understanding the cost of losing a customer and ended up developing the concept of Customer Math - simple mathematics related to losing and retaining a customer which proves that customer satisfaction and retention is profitable.


You don’t jump off a tall building in spite of the fact that no one has told you not to do so. Why? Because you BELIEVE that jumping from the top of a tall building will harm you physically and financially. On the other hand, we ill-treat our customers in spite of the fact that we have been repeatedly told not to do so. There are thousands of books and articles written on the subject of customer satisfaction and customer retention. Countless training programs and seminars are conducted everyday. Why is it still that we ill-treat our customers? The answer is simple. We DO NOT BELIEVE that taking care of the customers and retaining them will result in increasing the profitabilty of our business ventures or result in enhancing our careers . If we believed in the concept of “Customer is King,” we would not ill-treat the customer. If Avinash Narula was a BELIEVER, he would not have ill-treated his customer in 1997. If Avinash Narula had believed that customer satisfaction and customer retention was profitable, he would have not ill-treated his customer.

This is where Customer Math comes in. It brings you mathematical proof that will convince you that the customer is the undisputed “King” and that customer satisfaction and retention is the most profitable strategy you can adopt.

The mathematics related to customers cannot be equated to what is learnt in schools and colleges. In the lexicon of Customer Math, 1 is not equal to 1. Customer Math formulae like 1=5, 1=3, 1=12, 1=10000, 10%=47%, 1=23, 5%=50%, and 91%=18% will prove to you that you can increase sales, market share and profit even after eliminating your sales and marketing team and doing away with your advertising agency.

So if you want to succeed in business or chart an exciting professional career, Customer Math will show you the way.

Know your power as a customer

Customer Math will also convince you that you, the customer, is extremely powerful. Once you get to know how powerful you are, you will never take ill-treatment by businesses lying down. Customer Math will show you how every business is dependent on you for survival. It will give you the confidence to exercise your power as a customer and obtain "value for your money."

Avinash Narula says, "Believe me, when the customer is happy, you are happy and when the customer is unhappy, you are unhappy." Turning businesses, entrepreneurs and professional executives into BELIEVERS has become Avinash Narula’s passion in life.


Objectives of Customer Math

1. To increase the awareness of the importance of customer amongst business executives, entrepreneurs and businesses as well as to convince them that there is no strategy better than "customer retention."

2. To provide various tools like customer satisfaction books, customer satisfaction posters, customer retention office stationary, customer satisfaction gifts and customer satisfaction accesssories to keep reminding business executives, entrepreneurs and businesses that customer is truly the "king" as well as to assist them to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and customer retention.

3. To provide offline and online training to intitutionalize customer satisfaction and customer retention in organizations.

4. To provide customer satisfaction offline and online training to turn individuals into "Customer Mathematicians" so as to make them BELIEVERS in the concept of "Customer is King."

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