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Customer math posters india

Customer Math Posters

Customer posters: Customer Academy provides a range of posters based on Avinash Narula’s book titled Customer Math. Use them in your office premises
Attractive multi-color posters in English printed on 170 GSM paper and based on the concept presented in the book "Customer Math" by Avinash Narula.
11 x 17 inches posters are available in offset printing.
Bullet2 These posters can also be made available in sizes of your choice in digital printing at additional charge.
Bullet3 Can also be made available in different Indian and foreign languages at additional charge.
Size Quantity
Add to Cart
11x17 inches
Set of 12
Rs. 1120/-
Add to cart CS1053
Shipping & handling charges extra
Triple poster set includes "Customer Math" poster, "Customer Finance" posters and "Pursue Customer Happiness" posters

online Customer Math Posters

Poster : 91%=82%

Text : If a customer has a major complaint, 91% of such Customers will not buy from the company again. If the complaint is resolved quickly, 82% of them will return. It pays to resolve complaints quickly.
Customer Math Posters India

Poster : 10%=47%

Text : To achieve a 10% increase in sales over last year's, a company has to actually increase sales by 47%.This is because on an average, a company loses 25% of its Customers annually. It's wise to make efforts to retain Customers.

Customer satisfaction posters

Poster : 5%=50%

Text: On average companies can increase profit by 50% by reducing Customer defection rate by just 5%. Its pays to keep Customers satisfied.
Customer math Poster

Poster : 1=23

Text: One complaining Customer represents 23 silent ones who quietly give business to your competitors. Every single complaint should be treated as an opportunity to improve the quality of your products and services.

New Customer Math Posters

Poster : 1=5

Text : The cost of getting a new Customer is five times the cost of retaining an old one. So don't lose even single customer.
Finance customer posters

Poster: 91%=18%

Text : Quick complaint resolution drops Customer defection rate from 91% to 18%. It is essential that all complaints are dealt with efficiently.

Indian customer posters

Poster : 1=12

Text : Research shows one dissatisfied Customer will talk negatively about you to 12 potential ones, leading to loss in sales. It pays to keep Customers satisfied.
posters infinity

Poster : 1=infinity

Text: The value of one Customer is infinite. This includes sales to him in his lifetime as well as to Customers he generates for you through word of mouth. So remember, your most precious asset is your customer.

customers satisfied poster

Poster : 1=3

Text : Research shows that a satisfied customer recommends you to an average of three prospective customers. So, keep your customers satisfied.
Dissatisfied customer poster

Poster : 1=10,000

Text : Every dissatisfied customer will turn away atleast 12 perspective customers. With Internet, this number could go up as high as 10,000.

Warning customer poster

Poster : Warning: customers are perishable

Text : Ignore your customers and they will perish. On an average, companies lose 25% of their customers annually. So, nurture your customers for a blooming business.

Customer Dissatisfaction Poster

Poster : Iceberg

Text : Hidden Cost of Customer Dissatisfaction
1. Dissatisfied customers on an average tell 12 others not to do business with you resulting in loss of sales.
2. It costs 5 times more to get a new customer than to keep an old one.
3. Majority of dissatisfied customers do not even bother to complain. They just give their business to your competitors resulting in loss of sales and profits.
4. To achieve a 10% increase in sales over last year, a company has to increase sales by 47%. This is because on an average a company loses 25% of its customers annually.

The above costs are hidden as they are neither tracked by anyone nor are they reflected in any financial statements of a company.

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