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Reseller Business Reseller Business Opportunity
We are interested in appointing a RESELLER in different countries around the world

Salient features
  Bullet10 No store / shop required. Can be easily done from home.
  Bullet11 Minimum time requirement. Flexible timing. Orders can be executed once a week. Can be easily done on a part-time basis and even with a full time job.
  Bullet11 No marketing responsibility.
  Bullet12 Minimum investment in stock. Initial stock supplied at subsidized rates.
  How will the reseller make money?
  Bullet14 Reseller will be compensated for all the direct expenses incurred by him for executing an order including packaging, shipping and cost of goods. In addition, he will be allowed a profit margin of 15-20%.
  Bullet15 Payments to the RESELLER will be made on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the volume of business.
  Bullet16 This business can be done on a part-time basis from home as you do not need a store or a shop. Orders can be executed once a week to save on time and cost.
  Bullet17 Reseller will have to invest no time, effort or money in marketing the products. This will be done by us through our various websites mentioned below.
  Reseller Opportunities - Product available for sale
  Bullet18 Customer posters reseller - Includes Management Posters
    We have over 400 management posters on a variety of management topics on our website www.managementposters.com. We offer translation of posters in any language. In addition, once the RESELLER is appointed, we will try to display translated posters in the desired language of the country in which the RESELLER is located to make selling easy
  Bullet19 Customer gifts reseller - Gifts with a message
    We will have a wide range of gift items with a management or motivational message. By June 2009, we will have the widest range of coffee mugs and Pen Stands in the world with nearly 100 different management or motivational messages. Apart coffee mugs and Pen stands, we will have gifts like Perpetual calendars, calendars, books, videos etc. Most of these gift items will based on management and motivational concepts developed by management guru Avinash Narula. Visit www.gift4corporate.com.
  Bullet20 Customer books reseller - Includes Management Books
    Management guru and customer mathematician Avinash Narula has written 5 books on management topics. His next book on CRM is expected to be released shortly. Books are available for sale on a number of our websites including www.customermath.com, www.management-training1.com, www.gift4corporate.com and www.80-20presentationrule.com.
  Bullet21 Customer Dissatisfaction Cards Reseller
    We have over 24 very interesting customer dissatisfaction cards based on the concept of customer satisfaction and retention developed by Management guru and customer mathematician Avinash Narula. For details, visit www.customermath.com.

Customer pen stand reseller

    We have a wide range of over 90 customer pen stands with different messages on the topic of customer satisfaction and retention which the reseller can sell.

Customer coffee mugs reseller

    Just like the prn stands, we have developed a wide range of customer coffee mugs with different messages on the topic of customer satisfaction and retention which the reseller can also sell.
  How will the sales process work?
  All orders and payments will be received by us.
  Reseller will be sent the details of the order to execute in the following manner:
  • Items 2, 3 and 4, he will supply against the order from his stock.
  • For item 1, that is, management posters, there is no stocking required. We will send the electronic file to the RESELLER for the posters for which orders have been received which the RESELLER will use to digitally print the posters and supply to the customer against his orders. We do the same in India also.
  • For items not in stock, fresh stock will have to be obtained from us.
  Reseller can, if he wishes to, also sell locally through his efforts all the products in his stock. He cannot sell management posters directly. In the case of management posters, all orders have to be routed through us.
  Responsibility of the reseller
  Reseller will primarily stock and execute orders on our behalf.
  Reseller can also sell only those items directly in the local market for which he keeps the stock.
  Reseller will not have to incur any marketing cost, that is, he will not have to spend any time, effort or money. Any effort that the RESELLER makes on marketing is OPTIONAL.
  Stocking / Purchasing Requirment
  Initial Stock: We will supply initial stock at subsidized rates. We want the stock of our products to be available locally so that orders can be executed in a timely fashion. Since in the initial stages, we will not know what products will move at a fast pace and what products at a slow pace, we would like to support the RESELLER by subsidizing his initial inventory stocks. Subsidized rates will apply to initial stocks even if the quantity demanded by the RESELLER is more than that suggested by us.
  Regular purchasing: After the initial purchase for stocking requirement, RESELLER will have to make all subsequent purchases at regular rates. Since the transportation cost is high, RESELLER will have to purchase future requirements for a minimum specified value determined from time to time.

Please note that there is no stocking requirement for management posters.

If interested , please contact us atinfo@customermath.com.


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