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Customer satisfaction and retention seminars

We believe that it is becoming increasingly difficult for executives to take out time for training programs that last for 1-3 days or more. Also, in the hurly burly of the day-to-day activities, executives forget to implement the management concepts that they learnt and believed in. In addition, it is believed that participants usually take home 1 or 2 concepts out of many discussed in a training program. So why discuss many concepts and waste everybody's time?

Lastly, we have observed that participants find most training programs monotonous because most of the material is basic and known to the participants. So the need of the hour is to deliver short focussed customer satisfaction and retention seminars with an interesting perspective onwhich will offer the following advantages :

Bullet Maintain the interest and attention of the executives.
Bullet1 Executives take home just one or two but the most important aspects of a management concept discussed thereby increasing the probability of retention and implementation.
Bullet2 Serve as a "Thinking Break" for the executives from their busy schedules.
Bullet3 Delivered on-site so there is no travelling time involved for the company's executives. Attending these seminars  would be just like the executives attending a meeting.

As such, we offer the following innovative short Motivational / Inspirational Seminars on the subject of customer satisfaction and retention to turn executives into BELIEVERS:

Bullet6 Customer Myopia
Bullet6 Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange
Bullet6 Customer Math
Bullet6 Customer Iceb ergs
Bullet6 What can dissatisfied customers do to you?
Bullet6 What can satisfied customers do to you?
Bullet6 Increase sales by firing your sales team.
Bullet6 Turn your customers into your sales people.

These seminars are also ideal for :

bluedot Company meetings
bluedot1 Dealer / Distributor meetings
bluedot2 Sales meetings
bluedot3 Employee meetings
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bluedot4 On-Site Customised Training
bluedot5 Blended Online Training
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