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Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange
Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange Book

Discover what is creating havoc with your bottomline

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* "Double Book Package" includes two books - "Customer Math" & "Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange."Both books are paperback editions.
* “Triple Book Package” includes three books – “Customer Math,” “Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange” and “Customer Icebergs.” All the three books are paperback editions.
* Option for special edition (bulk quantity) books for companies with different customized book covers is available. Contact for price.

Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange Book

Customer Delight Book

Do we need another book on customer satisfaction? Probably not. But this one is an exception. One would have thought that by now every aspect of customer satisfaction has been explored and written about. Surprisingly, Avinash Narula has done an excellent job of elaborating on a very interesting and simple concept of the invisible Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange which he had introduced in his first book on customer satisfaction – Customer Math. If you have difficulty in achieving reasonable growth and profit targets (who doesn’t?), you will find the cause of and the solution to this universal problem in this book. He blames it all on companies exchanging their unhappy customers with the unhappy customers of their competitors. Probably for the first time, somebody has explained what customer satisfaction and retention have to do with brand equity and asset value using the concepts of financial and marketing theory. To top it all, the author uses simple math to prove his point.

This customer delight book is interspersed with posters and customer interaction stories. Written in simple story telling style, the concept is simple to grasp.

Interesting. Innovative. A must read for everybody who has customers. And who doesn’t?

Chapter 1
Elusive Targets
Discusses the universal problems encountered by the business world of achieving reasonable growth and profit targets. The solution lies with us. We need to snap our ties with the Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange.
Chapter 2

Do You Have a Leaky Bucket?
Leaky bucket refers to our losing customers year in and year out. How many customers could you be losing every year? Find out the details in this chapter.
Chapter 3

The Invisible Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange

Understand the different characteristics of the Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange and how it operates. Get an insight into how the bears and bulls operate at this stock exchange. Also, learn what you trade in and how you stand to gain or lose at this stock exchange.
Chapter 4

Trading Loss-Even Reasonable Targets Are Difficult to Meet
Discover how trading at the Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange makes even reasonable sales targets difficult to achieve and gives you many a sleepless nights and tense days. Mathematically understand why you have to increase sales by a much larger percent than what you had planned for.
Chapter 5

Trading Loss-Higher Marketing Costs
Learn how trading at the Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange will result in 3.5 times higher marketing costs. Understand how 70% of your marketing cost is being wasted when you lose customers.
Chapter 6

Trading Loss-Lower Profitability
Find out how trading at the Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange affects your profitability. See how mathematically 1% drop in sales results in a much higher decline in profitability.
Chapter 7

Trading Loss-Lower Asset and Share Value
Understand how trading at the Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange adversely affects your asset and share value. Understand how losing customers results in reduced cash flows and lower net present value (NPV).
Chapter 8

Trading Loss-Lower Brand equity
Find out how exchanging unhappy customers with your competitors at the Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange lowers your brand equity. Understand the relationship of customer retention with brand equity based on the concepts of financial and marketing theory.
Chapter 9

Imagine Where You Could Be?
There is light at the end of the tunnel. Read this chapter to realise where your career and business would be if you stopped trading at the Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange.


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