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Customer Icebergs Book India

Customer Icebergs Book

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* "Double Book Package" includes two books - "Customer Math" & "Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange."Both books are paperback editions.
* “Triple Book Package” includes three books – “Customer Math,” “Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange” and “Customer Icebergs.” All the three books are paperback editions.
* Option for special edition books (bulk quantity) for companies with different customized book covers is available. Contact for price.

Customer Icebergs Book

Retain customer book

Inspite of everybody (including the CEOs) knowing the importance of a customer to their business, still why do companies treat their customers the way they do is the question that Avinash Narula attempts to answer in this book. He feels that the root cause of the problem is that even though we know about the concept of customer satisfaction, we do not BELIEVE in it. Knowing the concept isn’t enough for you to implement it. You have to believe in it.

We don’t believe in it because we don’t see any evidence of the harmful effects of dissatisfying a customer or losing one. The reason why we do not see the cost of customer dissatisfaction is because a dissatisfied customer turns into a customer iceberg. Just like an iceberg, customer iceberg also hides most of the cost of customer dissatisfaction.

In this book, Avinash Narula attempts to make the complete customer iceberg visible so that all of us become BELIEVERS. He will lay bare the extensive damage that customer icebergs cause to businesses so that they are cautioned against creating more customer icebergs.

Another creative way to understand the importance of customers. Written in story telling style with loads of interesting examples, the concept is explained in simple yet convincing manner.

Chapter 1

We do not take care of the customers because we are NON-BELIEVERS in the concept of “Customer is King.”.
Chapter 2

How can we become BELIEVERS?
Find out the steps you need to take to become BELIEVER in the concept of "Customer is King."
Chapter 3

Let’s admit, we are NON-BELIEVERS
Chap 3 to 8 discusses how we ill-treat our customer to convince you to admit that we ill-treat our customers. This chapter discusses the general trend as to how the business world is treating its customers.
Chapter 4

What does FORD stand for?
Read this chapter to find out how a global company like FORD Motor treats its customers? Find out what the name FORD means to some of its customers.
Chapter 5

Cell Hell
Get to know how shabbily a whole industry (mobile phone) is treating its customers.
Chapter 6

What CEO”s think of customers?
Are the CEOs and top executives walking their talk with respect to providing the customer “value for their money?” Get the answer in this chapter.
Chapter 7

How desperate we have made our Customers?
If you are still not convinced that we ill-treat our customers, find out how desperate we have made our customers. Also, read what these customers, when pushed in a corner, are doing to take revenge against the defaulting companies.
Chapter 8

Customer Frustration Industry
In order to take advantage of the increasing number of dissatisfied customers, a whole new industry has come up to assist them to get “value for their money.” Find out the various services these customer mercenaries are providing to assist disgruntled customers get justice.
Chapter 9

Why don’t we believe?
This chapter reveals the reason why we DO NOT BELIEVE in the concept of “Customer is King.” It introduces the concept of customer icebergs.
Chapter 10

What are Icebergs?
In order to understand customer icebergs, it is necessary to understand what icebergs are. This is what this chapter accomplishes.
Chapter 11

What are customer icebergs?
This chapter acquaints you with customer icebergs. You can get to know how they are formed as well as what are the different kinds of customer icebergs.
Chapter 12

What’s hidden? Barriers to achieving targets
This chapter discusses how customer icebergs create barriers invisible to you which hinder the achievement of your targets and give you sleepless nights.
Chapter 13

What’s hidden? Loss of sales
Read how customer icebergs are the cause of sales loss which is invisible to you.
Chapter 14

Monster Customer iceberg - Jeremy Dorosin
Find out the damage caused by monster customer iceberg, Jeremy Dorosin, to Starbucks Coffee.
Chapter 15

What’s hidden? Loss of free promotion
Read how customer icebergs increase your advertising cost without you even getting to know about it.
Chapter 16

What’s hidden? Higher marketing costs
Find out how customer icebergs increase your marketing cost without you even getting to know about it.
Chapter 17

Monster Customer Iceberg - The citizens of Delhi
Find out the damage caused by monster customer iceberg, citizens of Delhi, to BSES.
Chapter 18

What’s hidden? Higher cost of complaint handling
Read how customer icebergs increase your complaint handling cost without you even getting to know about it.
Chapter 19

What’s hidden? Loss of Profits
Discover how customer icebergs are the cause of loss of profits without your even getting to know about it.
Chapter 20

Monster Customer iceberg - Dr. Trivedi
Find out the damage caused by monster customer iceberg, Dr. Trivedi, to Oracle.
Chapter 21

What’s hidden? Loss of value
Read how customer icebergs are the cause of loss of value of your assets without you even getting to know about is.
Chapter 22

What’s hidden? Loss of brand equity
Discover how customer icebergs lower your brand equity without you having even the slightest clue about it.
Chapter 23

Monster Customer Iceberg - Michael McConnell
Find out how monster customer iceberg, Michael McConnell, fights to get value for his money.
Chapter 24

What’s hidden? Loss of the most valuable revenue producing asset
When you create customer icebergs, you lose your most valuable revenue producing asset actually. I am sure you don't think so. Why? Because customer icebergs hide this fact from you.
Chapter 25

What’s hidden? Loss of Feedback
When you create customer icebergs you stop getting feedback from customers. The worst part is that you don't realize what you are losing.
Chapter 26

Monster Customer Iceberg - Col. Padmanabham
Find out how monster customer iceberg, Col. Padmanabham, fought to get paid for being put on hold by ICICI Bank.
Chapter 27

What’s Hidden? Loss of source of innovation
When you create customer icebergs, you stop getting innovative ideas from customers resulting in a tremendous loss to you. Loss that is invisible to you because customer icebergs hide it.
Chapter 28

What’s hidden? Loss of the most effective and loyal employee
When you create customer icebergs, they hide the fact that you lose one of your most effective and loyal no-cost-to-the-company employee.
Chapter 29

What’s hidden? Loss of Market Share
When you create customer icebergs, you lose market share. A fact hidden from you by customer icebergs.
Chapter 30

What’s hidden? Loss of Competitive Advantage
Customer icebergs hide the fact that when you create them, you lose market share without you even realizing it.
Chapter 31

Monster customer iceberg - Zhao Lun, Wuhan Forest, China
Find out the damage caused by monster customer iceberg, Zhao Lun, to Mercedes Benz, China.
Chapter 32

What’s hidden? Putting business at risk
When you create customer icebergs, the fact that you could risk complete loss of your business is invisible to you.
Chapter 33

What’s hidden? Job loss & poor career prospectus
When you create customer icebergs, you are unaware that it could result in not only poor career prospect for you but also you could end up being unemployed.
Chapter 34

Customer iceberg- Fred Craig
Find out the damage caused by monster customer iceberg, Fred Craig, to Fashion Bug.
Chapter 35

Have you become a BELIEVER?
The ultimate objective of this book was to turn you into a BELIEVER. This chapter gives the questions that you need to answer to determine if you have become a BELIEVER.
Chapter 36

What would a believer have done?
The answer to the questions in the previous chapter are given in this chapter. A comparison of your answers with the answers in this chapter will help you determine whether you have become a BELIEVER or not.
Chapter 37

Monster Customer Iceberg - Hermes could have been Oprahed
Find out the damage that was caused or could have been caused by monster customer iceberg, Oprah Winfrey, to Hermes.
Chapter 38

Customer Icebergs - People of courage
Customer icebergs are courageous people who not only fight for their rights but indirectly fight for your rights. They try to keep the business world as honest as possible.
Chapter 39

Avoiding Customer Iceberg
This chapter gives general rules that will help you to take decisions which will avoid the creation of customer icebergs. These are not steps but rather decision making rules. The aim is to teach you to fish and not just give you a fish to eat.
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