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Customer Icebergs Book India
Customer management Books
  Managing the large number of customers in today’s environment is becoming increasingly critical. Avinash Narula’s Customer management books including Taking the buzz out of CRM book will give you an understanding of how to keep a large base of customers happy and satisfied.
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Taking the buzz out of CRM book

customer relationship

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is in vogue. CRM is being touted as the solution to all marketing problems. Managers swear by it. Every company claims to doing is better than others. Academic journals write about its merits. However, Avinash Narula thinks its about time we separated the rhetoric from reality. Avinash Narula suggests that whenever you adopt a new concept or technology like CRM, you are not replacing your car with just another car but actually you are replacing it with a helicopter. Just as you change the way you travel when you acquire a helicopter, you have to also change the way you think when you implement a new concept like CRM.

Everybody is talking about Customer Relationship Management (CRM). However, most of us do not understand what the concept really means and as such, implement it poorly. Avinash Narula suggest that there is nothing new about CRM as businesses have been managing relationships with their customers since times immemorial. What has really changed is the way we maintain relationships with our customers which depends on the available technology. Implementation of CRM has been a function of the existing technology. Technology today allows us to maintain one-on-one relationship with our customers worldwide just like the pre-industrial era, that is, the ability to tap the smallest niche-the individual customer. Hence, the hysteria.

However, Avinash suggests that businesses have not been able to exploit the potential of CRM because most of us do not understand the meaning of CRM. As such, he explains what each alphabet in the acronym CRM actually means, the difference between loyalty and customer retention as well as what attitude has to do with what kind of CRM system you will implement. He goes on to suggest that if CRM has to work, business will have start thinking about the position of the customer service representative in the organization structure as well as how they treat them. Lastly, he deals with the topic of everybody’s interest, that unsolicited calls. Believe it or not, he has the simple win-win solution to the problem.

As usual and as per his style, he has supported his ideas with a large number of interesting customer stories which will convince you that its time we became TRUE BELIEVERS in the concept of "Customer is King."

Chapter 1

Taking the buzz out of CRM
Avinash Narula literally takes the buzz out of CRM by suggesting that there is nothing new about CRM and that businesses have been managing relationships with their customers since times immemorial. The way the implementation of CRM changed with the changes in technology is explained.
Chapter 2

CRM begins with a database
This chapter explores the relationship of database with CRM as well as how fast changing data storage technology and declining costs impacted how we maintained relationship with our customers.
Chapter 3

Benefits of CRM – Just unbelievable
For the first time, all the benefits of CRM have been discussed at one place.
Chapter 4

Disillusionment with CRM. Why?
In spite of the hysteria about CRM, businesses have been disappointed with the results. They have began to question the effectiveness of the concept of CRM. Here the primary and secondary reasons for the failure of CRM have been discussed.
Chapter 5

Is this CRM? A Case Study-Airtel
Avinash Narula discusses his terrible experience with Airtel so as to highlight what is wrong with the way we are implementing CRM.
Chapter 6

Is this CRM? A Case Study-HDFC

In this chapter, Avinash Narula discusses his experience with HDFC as a preferred customer so as to highlight what is wrong with the way businesses are implementing CRM.

Chapter 7

What does "C" in CRM mean?
In this chapter, you will learn what does the alphabet “C” in CRM or the word “Customer” in Customer Relationship Management means.
Chapter 8

What does "R" in CRM mean?
Here what does the alphabet "R" in CRM or the word "Relationship" in Customer Relationship Management means is discussed in detail.
Chapter 9

What does "R" in CRM means to the telecom industry?
Telecom industry's attitude towards the customer and how they treat their most important asset, the customer, is discussed. After reading this chapter, you will be convinced that the telecom industry has not understood the true meaning of "R" in CRM.
Chapter 10

What does "R" in CRM means to the banking industry?
This chapter discusses the attitude of the banking industry towards the customer and how they treat them. After reading this chapter, you will be convinced that the banking industry has not understood the true meaning of establishing relationship with their customers.
Chapter 11

What does "R" in CRM means to the airline industry?
In this chapter you will come across examples of how the airline industry treats its customer. They are no better than the banking or the telecom industry.
Chapter 12

How desperate we have made our customers?
Instead of taking care of their most valuable asset, the customer, businesses have made their customers desperate. Desperate for justice. Desperate for revenge. Learn what customers are doing to get justice.
Chapter 13

Harassing the customers by stalking them with unsolicited calls
Unsolicited calls. A topic of interest for every man who owns a telephone. And who doesn't? Everybody has been trying to find a solution to this problem. Practically everybody including the customer, government and the judiciary want this menace to go away. Find out why businesses are being stupid by making unsolicited calls and what they need to do to use emails, telephone calls and SMSs in an effective manner without making their customers angry.
Chapter 14

What "R" in CRM actually means?
If you want to know how to build long lasting relationships with your customers, you just have to read this chapter.
Chapter 15

"R" in CRM is a two-way street
It needs to be understood that building relationships is a two-way process. Both the customer and the supplier or vendor have to do their part to maintain and strengthen the relationship. If you think it is only the duty of the vendor / supplier to maintain and build a relationship then you are living in a fool's paradise.
Chapter 16

What does "M" in CRM mean?
Management not only means getting new customers but is also means retaining customers. Any CRM initiative focused on just acquiring new customers is bound to fail.
Chapter 17

Loyalty vs Retention
Understand what customer loyalty actually means. Find out what is the key to enhancing customer loyalty. Also, discover what kind of loyalty doesn't work.
Chapter 18

Systems & Procedures – Not an end in themselves
We can't live without systems and procedures and we can't live with them either. Rigid system and procedures of the company are the major cause of customer dissatisfaction. Yet they are a necessity as no large organization can operate without them. Find out how we can bring about a balance the need to be flexi
Chapter 19

The role of CSR in CRM
The role of the only human element in the CRM process, the customer service representative (CSR) has been completely misunderstood by the business world. As a result, the effectiveness of the CRM has been compromised. The result-higher levels of customer dissatisfaction. Read this chapter to find out what the role of CSR should be.
Chapter 20

Lost sight of the key benefit of CRM-Unbelievable levels of service delivery
According to the author, one of the major cause of failure of CRM is the lack of understanding of the key benefit of CRM, that is, on the spot resolution of customer complaints. Without resolving customer complaints on the spot, a business will not be able to realize the full potential of CRM.
Chapter 21

Start flying and not driving your helicopter
Taking the key characteristics of the concept of CRM and related technologies, its time that we start to think and do differently so as to reap the benefits that CRM offers. Read this chapter to find out how you should think and what you need to do differently.
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