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Customer Satisfaction online training

Blended Customer Satisfaction
Online Training for Organizations

Enhanced Organizational Learning in the area of customer satisfaction and customer retention

Customer Math offers blended customer satisfaction online training program for perpetual organizational learning in the area of customer satisfaction and retention. We intend to convert everyone in your organization into a Customer Mathematician.

Contact us for developing a plan for achieving organizational learning in the area of customer satisfaction and customer retention in your organization.

The Program

Bullet Each employee / participants will be given the following two books written by      Avinash Narula:

a. Customer Math
b. Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange

Participants in India will receive hard copies of the book. Participants located outside India will also have the cost effective option of downloading the books at their end from our website.

Participants will also have access to articles, case studies and Customer Iceberg Bulletins on our website.
Bullet1 Participants will have to pass an open book time-bound online test and receive passing grade.

This test is designed to ensure that the participants :
a. Have understood the concept.
b. Have read the books and the suggested articles on our website.
c. Can apply the concept in the dynamic business environment.

Online test will have a combination of different types of questions including case studies. The test has to be completed within a stipulated time.
Bullet2 Participants will have to analyze THREE cas studies and receive passing grade.
Successful candidates will be certified "Customer Mathematician." Certificates will be awarded upon successful completion of the program to the individual.


Apart from the steps listed above,customer satisfaction and customer retention merchandise, training as well as contest (optional) can be used to enhance organizational learning as follows:

Customer Satisfaction Posters

Customer Math Posters

A set of 12 coloured posters with innovative mathematical Customer Math formulae are available to display in your facility. You can display all of the 12 different posters at various locations at your facility, or every month you can display different posters at your facility so that each employee is continuously reminded of the importance of customer retention over a period of time.

Pursue Customer Happiness posters

A set of 4 coloured posters with the above theme are also available. They can be used in the same manner as the Customer Math posters.

Customer Finance Posters

A set of 5 coloured posters with the above theme are also available. They can be used in the same manner as the Customer Math posters.

online Customer coffee Mugs CUSTOMER MATH COFFEE / TEA MUGS
  Attractive coffee/tea mugs with Customer Math formula imprinted on them in 11 different designs are available. These can be given to employees so that they are constantly reminded of the importance of the customer. If the company provides tea/coffee to employees, the same could be provided in tea cups with Customer Math formulas.
Customer Pen stand PEN/PENCIL STANDS
  Attractive pen/pencil stands with Customer Math formulae imprinted on them in 11 different designs are available. These can be given to your employees so that they are constantly reminded of the importance of the customer.
  Attractive pens imprinted with all the Customer Math formulae are available and can be given to employees to use.
  Office stationary such as files, note pads etc can be developed with Customer Math formulae.
online Customer math  Badges BADGES
  Available in 11 designs with different Customer Math formulas are available. One day of every month, employees can be asked to wear badges with one formula.
Management Magazine MANAGEMENT TALK - The Magazine
  In each issue, this magazine will discuss different management concepts in simple language. Since we believe that the primary objective of the organization should be to pursue customer happiness, one of the topics that will be addressed in every issue will be the importance of the customer not only for the growth and profitability of the organization but also for the employee's career. Management Talk magazine can be distributed to all employees quarterly.
  Small pin-up posters (Customer Math & Pursue Customer Happiness) can also be made available. The same can be given to every employee along with the salary slip every month for 12 months. They can also pin them up in their work area.
Customer Satisfaction Training TRAINING
  Onsite face-to-face short training/seminars (1/2 - 1 day) on the subject are also available. These training programs / seminars are highly interactive. The objective of the seminars and training programs is to use the experiences of the trainer as well as the participants to internalise the concept in the minds of the participants. Seminars can also be conducted through video conferencing for employees at different locations.
  Customer Math contest can also be conducted to internalize the concept.

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On-Site Customised Training
Motivational / Inspirational Seminars
Cerificate Program in Customer Mathematics

Benefits of blended online training

blended online training Allows your team members to learn at their own pace, time & convenience resulting in time and cost saving.
Online Management training Allows not only individual learning but also organizational learning.
Online Management training India Blended Online learning allows thousands of employees located all over the world to be trained simultaneously in a similar manner on the same management concept so that they speak the same language. Full benefit of training on certain concepts like customer retention cannot be realized without organizational learning.
Customer Satisfaction Cost effective with minimum logistical hassles.
online Customer Retention Extensive use of real-world experiences and examples to which the participants can relate to.
Management Programs online Allows every new employee to enroll as soon as he joins the organisation to maintain organisational learning.
Iceberg Book
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