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Avinash Narula's Websites & Blogs

Avinash Narula has very broad interests in a variety of management topics.As such, he has developed various focussed websites and blogs focussed on different management topics. The various websites developed and maintained by Avinash Narula areas follows:


Here you can find a wide range of training programs and seminars on the subject of Customer happiness, Satisfaction and Retention. Also, find management case studies on CRM, customer retention, loyalty and satisfaction.


Provides over 350 professionally designed posters on customer satisfaction, delight, dissatisfaction, loyalty, defection, finance and retention.


Here you can read Avinash Narula’s comments and views on the subject of Customer dissatisfaction, finance and retention.


Provides corporate gifts based on the theme of customer finance and satisfaction.


We offer morivational greeting cards on the theme of customer retention and satisfaction.

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